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Like A Movie…Only Smaller!

I am obsessed with trailers.  Completely obsessed.  They are like mini-movies for a quick fix of worthwhile YouTube.  Perfect for those times when you only have a few minutes to spare but want guaranteed quality.  More than that, they are informative! It’s a win-win. And who doesn’t love a win-win? Only losers-losers.

But I love more than just movie and TV trailers (yes there are trailers for new pilots).  No, dearest friends, my favorite form of trailer is the book trailer! In our digital age, the book trailer allows me to get a feel for the book without having to read the summary on Amazon or B& More than that, it allows super visual people like myself–who do judge books my their colors and appearances–a chance to really see what the book is about when they can’t pick it up physically.  In a word, book trailers are genius.

Therefore, when David Young (Chairman and CEO of Hachette Book Group) came to the CPC and showed us the YouTube book trailer of Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (which I’ve mentioned in a past post as I love Lincoln and Vampires) during his speech, I was like, “YES! Mini-movie time!”  However, I was also a little shocked…

Now, I know you all are going, “Ummm, Lizzie, so what?!? We’ve seen that epic trailer where our beloved 16th president wields an axe like a bearded Buffy.”  See, the surprise my friends was not that he showed the video.  After all, it is a great trailer.  No, the surprise came from my peers’ reactions to this vid.  They were shocked that books had trailers.

I know.  They were shocked that there are book trailers. And this makes me sad.  I love book trailers.  They are wonderful.  Sometimes I just go online and watch random ones for the fun of it.

So this post is dedicated to you, dearest friends who live under rocks and have somehow missed the whole-wide-world of book trailers.  I give to you a few…quite a few…of my favorite videos.  Enjoy! I certainly did!


June 22, 2011 at 4:44 pm 5 comments

My Literary Vampire Weekend

I would not classify myself as being a Fang Girl–a FanGirl for those who have . . . well . . . Fangs–but for some reason, I found myself a lot preoccupied with Vampire books-turned-tevelsion shows this weekend.   It’s like an addiction.  A terrible, terrible addiction that cannot be denied.  Those smoldering bad-boy Vamps and their mortal paramours.  Le sigh.

Not Me: A Girl on the Bachelor with actual Fangs

But before you start accusing me of Twilight Fever or asking me if I’m Team Jacob or Team Edward, let’s get some things straight.  When I say smoldering Vamps? I do not mean sparkly, spiky haired, “you are my life now after meeting you for a second even though I want to brutally drain every ounce of your blood and violently impregnate you with my demon spawn” here.  Not that I’m a Twilight hater per say–I’ve seen the movies after all and read two of the books before I decided Bella really did need to die–no, see, I’m just not a fan. [Note: Please do not hurt me friends who are fans!]  See, I like my Vamps a little less…well…chaste.

So yes, my Vampire Weekend didn’t involve the ever-present sap of Bells and Eddie or even the music of the “Indie” band whose songs you hear on those commercials all the time. Yes, I’m talking about you Honda Civic commercial. Please stop taunting me with your super fun “holiday.” No, my Vamp Weekend went a little like this: Hours of True Blood (based on the fun, sexy Southern Vampire series by Charlaine Harris) followed by numerous episodes of The Vampire Diaries (based on L.J. Smith’s YA series).

I know, I know.  Really are either of these shows really any better than Twilight? Answer, probably not.  Let’s be honest–“Suuckey, I luv you,” as stated by pale-as-snow Bill Compton is not much better than sparkle’s “You are my life now.”   But, for some reason, I go on mini-vampire binges once a year when the seasons are over and as in the case of True Blood (season 3) released on DVD.

Really who would win here?

I think my True Blood addiction comes from the fact that I really enjoyed the first few Southern Vampire books–I kinda lost focus around book 5–so despite the cheesy HBO lines, I have a special place in my heart for the series.  The books were just so… engaging and fresh and steamy…I have no idea why I like Vampire Diaries since I stopped liking the series after book 2 where things got a little too freaky…

Life is a mystery. Maybe I’m just not attracted to Edward? Maybe Bella is too annoying for words?  Maybe I think Eric is too sexy for words? Maybe I think Damon’s evil brother is way hotter than sweet and good Stephan? I don’t know.  It could be all of these things! One thing I do know for sure…while I may not crave vampires every day…I certainly have some unhealthy Vampire Weekend Binges…

Romantic Question: What do you think about the Vampire craze? And in a rumble who would win Southern Vampire Bill Compton or Twilighty Edward Cullen?


June 14, 2011 at 2:19 am 8 comments

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