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Potential Romance: “The Putrid Pirate’s Paramour”

Pirates were smelly.  It’s true.  Think about it.  They were stuck on a boat filled with men all day long. Stuck on the ocean in a wooden boat, and it was no Disney Cruise line here.  Nope.  They did not have 2 spas, 3 all you can eat buffets, 5 swimming pools, and running water in ever chamber’s private bath.  Sorry.  Most pirate ships didn’t even have private cabins much less running water.  Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that pirates would smell a tad foul.

I would so jump on that rope

And yet, the image of the pirate is not one of a smelly, poorly groomed man with terrible dental hygiene but of the sexy swashbuckling rouge.  The Dread Pirate Roberts from The Princess Bride.  That man’s little mustache was simply perfect! Plus he had that sexy little black half-mask. Shiver me timbers. Then there was Errol Flynn. That man had more swash and buckle than all the real pirates combined.  Or even the image of sexily mustached Gene Kelly (left) swinging down off a burning building–his muscular thighs gripping the rope as he danced his way into Judy Garland’s arms and our hearts.  Gene Kelly looked like he smelled good. Real good.

But the most popular–and current–image of the pirate is Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow.  Yum-o.  Somehow, Captain Jack managed to take the drunk former rock-star turned hobo look and make it sexy, but if you really think about it, would you really want Captain Jack’s boozy breath, dirty beard, and never-seen-a-washing clothes anywhere near your face? I don’t think the reality of that image sounds seductive at all.  In fact the though of it makes me want to go out and get a tetanus shot–just in case.

Yo-Ho a pirates wife is me

Despite all of that, the image of the sexy pirate is still firmly entrenched in our minds.  Pirate = hott.  And in romance novels, pirates are some of the sexiest, most badassed heroes.  Who cares if their teeth were rotten and they probably had scurvy from their poor sea diet or some other terrible disease.  They represent the dashing image of a roguish hero, and we all love the roguish hero.

I recently reviewed a romance, Prisoner of Desire by Mary Wine for RT BOOKREVIEWS that dealt with pirates and sexiness (click here for the review).  It was quite nice! So while in real life, I would not want to jump that smelly bod–after all I am a nice young lady with a delicate nose–I certainly enjoy a nice romance in which I can forget the diseases and focus on the sexiness!  So check out Mary Wine’s newest and if you find that you want more pirates like me, let me know cause I’ve got a few other suggestions!!!


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