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PenguinUSA: The Future of Publishing!

Just a really great video I saw this past week about the future of publishing.  Is everything as grim as it seems?


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On The First Week at Columbia…

In order to fully sum up my first week at the Columbia Publishing Course, I’ve created this lovely song…Please read in an off-key voice to the tune of the classic “12 Days of Christmas.”  Ready? Let’s get to it…

On the first week of CPC, Lindy gave to me….

Seven free books,

Six frozen toes,


Four publisher crushes,

Three Penguin people,

Two textbook,


A CEO in a Hachette tree!

My Solar Queen Elizabeth waving from my window!

You can applaud now.  But yeah, this week has been crazy.  I’ve been called “brave” and “bold” and been told that people “respect” me several times now because of my romance obsession, which is like, hold up! Go back? Say what?  I am brave? You respect me for reading romances? Why can you not be snobby like everyone else, you super nice CPC kids? Aggravation.  Now, I am forced to like them. Such a bummer (which is sarcasm by the way…)

We’ve had lit agents, marketing people, Madeline McIntosh (President of Sales, Operations & Digital at Random House), and editors all come and tell us about their fields.  I’ve kinda learned how to calculate a P &L (meaning money), and I every day I have literally frozen in a refrigerated room.  Middle of summer? That is a lie! I’m living in freaking Antarctica up here.

But there is one thing that has been pretty consistently running through every talk: the Future of books.  It’s been a tug-of-war of opinions and feelings on ebooks and Amazon’s impending imprints. If you haven’t heard the news, here’s a brief and shallow summary: Amazon has created it’s own publishing house which has traditional publishers FREAKED OUT! If it works they will be able to sell and create books… more on that here!  So sometimes Amazon is evil.  Sometimes it’s our best friend.  Back and forth, back and forth.  I feel like I should throw my Kindle out the window and kiss it at the same time! Is Amazon the Goliath to my little David? Or are they the Goliath to my Philistine army?

No one really knows! But it kinda makes a difference on whether I should go find my slingshot or just sit back and not…

Non-Romantic Question: What do you think about self-publishing and Amazon’s entrance into the actual publishing of books? Better yet, did you like my song?

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