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Dear Nicholas Sparks, I hate you! Love Lizzie

I am not a pretty crier

I hate crying.  I hate it.  You know in the movies when the heroine, the romantic lead, starts to cry, silent, poignant, beautiful tears dripping down her face? Yeah. That’s not me.  I am a mess.  Eyes puffy, mascara running, nose red.  And once I start crying? There’s no stopping me.  I am like a damn of emotion–break that levy and say Bye-Bye to your farmlands and valleys cause there’s gonna be a flood.

And today there was a Big Flood.  Oh my goodness.  I am never graduating again.  It is terrible.

I look a little like this...

Filled with emotion and hugs and good-byes, graduation is one of the worse experiences I’ve had in a long time.  Needless to say, I have been crying for hours since I realized, “Damn, I am leaving this school behind for forever, and tomorrow I wont be able to randomly text my bestie Ria at 2:00 am for a coffee run, or walk into the apartment and yell out for Nic, my roomie, so that we can randomly watch the 10th Kingdom together.”  All of my meals wont be with the same people in the same dinning hall.  No more gossiping in the student union, no more sketchy school dances, no more drunken nights at the student pub.  Jesus. I think I’m going to cry again…

Woe To Me + Hello Kitty

Crying sucks.  Major.  I hate it.  So why Mr. Sparks do you think it is fun to make me cry? Hmmm?  Seriously, your books are like graduation.  Chapters and chapters filled with fun and life and love and epicness, and then you rip out my heart in the end and kill me with leukemia, some kind of flood, alzheimer’s.  I am not cool with this.  I am not cool with this at all.  Why do you hate me so much?  Do you get some kind of sick perverse pleasure out of seeing me an emotional wreck?  Do you think it’s funny, Mr. Sparks, to see my eyes puffy and red?  Because, I don’t think it’s funny at all.  In fact I think it is cruel.  I like my love stories with Happy Endings.  I don’t read to hear about romance that dies.  I hate Romeo and Juliet.  It’s depressing and she was 13 so unless gnomes are acting it out for me, I don’t want to hear about some “great tragic love.”  Give me that fucking happy ending or else I am going to lock you in a room with my sobbing person and show you what your cruelty has wrought.




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As We Go On…


In honor of this day of days–and since you probably are all too busy to be reading some blog post.  Here are two videos for your viewing pleasure!

Whoop whoop for my post-grad friends….

And nothing says “graduation” like a little 90’s and a lot of cheese…

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It’s Your Last Chance…But Not to Dance

It’s 3:00 in the afternoon and I am sitting around in my p.j’s and bathrobe staring at my computer screen.  I know I should feel pathetic, but really, I don’t.  I’ve just finished all my work for my senior year of college.  I am done.  I am graduating.  In a week.  To leave the ivy covered walls of Higher Institution behind for a cramped single in the middle of NYC for Columbia Publishing Program assuming they got my deposit check which I am now worried about…

Now that I am done with the million papers that I had to write in order to graduate–Voodoo, slasher films, stories about being born again and my father–I have time to think about the epicness that is about to happen: Senior Week.  A week of drinking.  I mean a week of partying before graduation. I mean a week of solemn contemplation about what it means to be a graduate and leaving behind youth for responsibility. Sure.  But mainly, I am thinking about a tradition at my college: Last Chance Dance.

My future...

Oh the Last Chance Dance.  Basically, senior year you submit a list. A list of names. Of people. Of people in your year, who you didn’t hook-up with a underclassman but would really like to.  And then the school takes your list and cross-references it with other people’s list to pair people up for a last hook-up. It’s kinda of like a bucket list of guys or girls that you want cross off the ol’ to do list.  So while technically it’s a “last change dance,” it’s more of a “last chance to play tonsil hockey with that cutie from your dorm sophomore year.”

Is anyone else hearing vibes of fairy tales here? I mean there’s a dance….pretty much a ball.  A matchmaking school…pretty much your fairy godmother.  And there’s a time limit…you graduate the next day–aka turn into a pumpkin…pretty much the tale of Cinderella.  Oh yeah.  This is going to be good.

Problem? My list is non-existent.  I know I’ve had four years to think about it, but I procrastinated and then exams came and now my Last Chance list is due, and I don’t know what to do!  I’m like an unprepared Cinderella.  Thankfully, I have a team of mice ready to make this night a night to remember.  And by “mice” I mean my dearest friends! We’ve decided to all swap lists and fill each other’s out…here’s to hoping my prince doesn’t turn into a frog.

Romance Connection! Ironically enough, my upcoming reviews for RT BOOKREVIEWS is a sexy Cinderella story.  Perfect timing to get me prepared for my Last Chance Dance. But for those of you who’re feeling in a romantic fairy tale mood like me but aren’t getting an advanced copies in the mail, here are some other romance suggestions that will inspire your own Cinderella story!

What about you romance read? Have a favorite Cinderella story not mentioned here? Send me some suggestions!

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