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Like A Movie…Only Smaller!

I am obsessed with trailers.  Completely obsessed.  They are like mini-movies for a quick fix of worthwhile YouTube.  Perfect for those times when you only have a few minutes to spare but want guaranteed quality.  More than that, they are informative! It’s a win-win. And who doesn’t love a win-win? Only losers-losers.

But I love more than just movie and TV trailers (yes there are trailers for new pilots).  No, dearest friends, my favorite form of trailer is the book trailer! In our digital age, the book trailer allows me to get a feel for the book without having to read the summary on Amazon or B& More than that, it allows super visual people like myself–who do judge books my their colors and appearances–a chance to really see what the book is about when they can’t pick it up physically.  In a word, book trailers are genius.

Therefore, when David Young (Chairman and CEO of Hachette Book Group) came to the CPC and showed us the YouTube book trailer of Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (which I’ve mentioned in a past post as I love Lincoln and Vampires) during his speech, I was like, “YES! Mini-movie time!”  However, I was also a little shocked…

Now, I know you all are going, “Ummm, Lizzie, so what?!? We’ve seen that epic trailer where our beloved 16th president wields an axe like a bearded Buffy.”  See, the surprise my friends was not that he showed the video.  After all, it is a great trailer.  No, the surprise came from my peers’ reactions to this vid.  They were shocked that books had trailers.

I know.  They were shocked that there are book trailers. And this makes me sad.  I love book trailers.  They are wonderful.  Sometimes I just go online and watch random ones for the fun of it.

So this post is dedicated to you, dearest friends who live under rocks and have somehow missed the whole-wide-world of book trailers.  I give to you a few…quite a few…of my favorite videos.  Enjoy! I certainly did!


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Review: “Backstage Pass: Sinners on Tour” by Olivia Cunning

So I have been terrible updating this last week–Sorry! But in my defence it is my final week of COLLEGE and so I mean really, I have things to pass and papers to procrastinate on and other important things to think about doing but then put off until I feel like screaming at the sky.

However, while I have not been posting, I have definitely been reading!  So in honor of my last day of college classes–and my last day studying sin as a religion major–I give you my review of Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning, the tale of Myrna Evans, a sexy college professor and her steamy romance with rockstar Brian Sinclair. Oh the sin!


Stuck at a stuffy conference, Human Sexuality professor Myrna Evans doesn’t expect to have any fun. Surround by “stuff-shirt geeks,” her weekend looks pretty dull until she unexpectedly runs into her favourite heavy metal band, Sinners, at the bar of her hotel lobby. Unable to resist lead songwriter and sinfully skilled guitarist, Brain Sinclair, Myrna embarks on a weekend fling to end all flings.  But can the couple turn their few nights of passion into something more meaningful?  Or will fame, distance, and her obsessive ex-husband keep the two apart?


Okay, so I mean I got this book free from Amazon for my Kindle, so I was like, “Why not? Sin can be fun.” And in the book, the sin is definitely fun.

Positives: let me just say that Myrna and Brian have some steamy scenes in this book (fans self), but the strength of the book–for me at least–was the band, the supporting characters in the Sinners.  I was completely infatuated with Jace–the super-cute, boy-next-door bassist who behind his calm exterior and quiet attitude lies a bag of bondage toys–and the tortured lead singer Sed who at first comes across as being a right bastard but whose vulnerability as the story progresses really endears him with the reader. Plus, for the most part the sex was pretty epic–some odd voyeuristic moments but… epic.

Negative: Ok, so you know in a book when there is that element of suspense–the crazy stalker, the maniacal killer, some dangerous edge–that hunts our fearless heroine? Well, this book has all of the bones of a great romantic suspense.  We have the crazy ex-husband, the mysterious secret admirer flowers, the threatening messages, the fear of him finding her.  But while all of the elements are there, the suspense falls flat.  It fizzles out, especially during the climax of the book.

The “suspenseful” showdown between Myrna, Brian, and crazy stalker ends with a whimper.  It’s not that dangerous moment when the hero realizes he can’t live without the heroine, and the heroine realizes that she really does love him.  Yeah, that doesn’t happen.  We get a threatening call, the ex-husband makes his move, Brian rushes into the rescue–having been cued in by Myrna that somethings about to go down–only to find his lover struggling in the arms of another man.  Proper response? Save the day and order that jerk to unhand the woman. Followed by a scene of mutual saving where the hero and heroine work together to defeat the bad guy.  This book? Hero spends a few pages mentally accusing his lover of having an affair and doing nothing.  Hello!?! She is being attacked by her obsessive ex-husband, HELP HER.  Lord.

I was just like, “Dude, I know you have some insecurity issues, but can we please not be stupid here?” Thankfully, it all turned out okay.  But I still found the climax dissatisfying, which took away from my overall reaction to the book.  But if you are looking for some rock band hotties and a lot of steam then ignore me and pick this up!

Final say? It was an okay  read, but not one that I would have paid for! I like my climaxes to end with a bang…no pun intended.

2 Stars

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