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Love Concussions: A Pondering

My friend recently explained to me that she has roughly “1.4 love concussions” a year.  What may I ask is a “love concussion?”  Is that a carry over from the good ol’ days when cavemen would bang their lady friends over the head and then drag them back to the lair?  Cause love concussions sounds painful and a little like blunt force trauma.

So apparently:

A concussion is a brain injury that may result in a bad headache, altered levels of alertness, or unconsciousness. It temporarily interferes with the way your brain works, and it can affect memory, judgment, reflexes, speech

I mean hold on one second.   When you think about it a concussion does sound an awful lot like falling in love.  Love, concussion, love, concussion.  Are they the same thing??? I mean let us break it down a bit.

1. “brain injury“–Yup, got it there. I mean love makes you ignore that big ol’ brain of yours in favor of the heart. And a lot of times it does result in injury.  So yeah. I would say that works.

2. “a bad headache“– Amen. I mean, really, men are often the cause of my headaches.  They are mysteries. Really straightforward mysteries.

3. “altered levels of alertness“–Again. Check.  People are usually a whole lot less alert when it comes to love.  Walking in to poles–my momma, forgetting that plan with that friend–you know who you are friend of mine.  Just little things that happen when you are high on love–or in this case feeling the symptoms.

4. “unconsciousness“–Had to reign in the dirty mind for a second. I will leave this one alone. Bad Lizzie. Bad.

5. “temporarily interferes with the way your brain works, and it can affect memory, judgment, reflexes, speech“-CHECK.  Seriously, check. Who hasn’t been stupid over a guy? I mean sometimes I think all I am is stupid over guys.  Guys make smart girls do some stupid shit generally–and colloquially–speaking.

So it looks like to me as if “love” and “concussions” are pretty much the same thing.  I mean obviously they are not–but the symptoms seem to match and if I were to Web MD my mysterious love-induced ailments, I might just make the connections.  That said, dearest friend, I have a book for you (a series for the series week!): Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense’s Turbulence by Dana Mentink. It deals with love, concussions, and love concussions.  May it help you through this rough time.


March 14, 2011 at 12:34 am 5 comments

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