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Of Sexy-Sexy Dukes and Some Slightly Kinky Deceptions

I am not typically a Regency kind of gal.  I like my romances a little more medieval and a tad more Scottish.  Plus, the whole Ton thing makes me think about my awkward days learning to dance wearing gloves and a dance card at Cotillion.  Not exactly the best memories–raspberry jam on the powder blue skirt of my dress.  That one dance partner who thought the cha-cha-cha meant twirling his partner in a tornado of spins without stop.  I am pretty sure I took out a few of the couples next to me on that one and maybe a cow or two.

So yeah.  I don’t normally gravitate towards the prim and not so proper Regencies. Which is why I was mildly SHOCKED that I couldn’t put one down a few weeks ago.  Literally.  I could not put it down.  I started it at 7:00 one night and finished it at 3:00 the next morning.  Sleep? Not as important.

What book managed to keep me glued to the chair all night?  Wendy Soliman’s Of Dukes and Deceptions.  So sexy.  So fun.  I loved the heroine.  She was spunky and smart and bold.  Plus, she wasn’t totally enthralled with the hero at first glance–which really was quite refreshing since his ego needed a little bump.  The hero had a mild Darcy-esque shine to him.  Haughty, aloof, arrogant, yet likeable.  I really liked his evolution through the book.  Then add some pretty steamy scenes–some mild bondage-y steamy scenes–between the two and really, why move from that comfy chair?

You can read my “official” review of the book for RTBOOKREVIEWS here (or by clicking the picture) but I would definitely suggest reading it!  It may not be your cup of tea, but I really found it enjoyable.

Of Dukes and Deceptions


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