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Men. In. Kilts. (or in this case trews)

Every time I read a book I love I think to myself, “Wow, Lizzie, we could totally be BFFs with this author. Think of all the fun we could have talking about romance novels and secret babies and masculine heroes.” Because every time I pick up a book, I have this fandom feeling of connection with the author.  Who’s to say we couldn’t be friends? After all, we spent hours together, lived through wars, convents, pregnancies, and time travel.  That certainly bonds two people right?  Apparently, no, in the real world that does not actually bound you to the author.

Picture with Heather Graham. Pre-Creepy Moment

But in one of my finer moments of fandom, I met author Heather Graham. Yeah. Love her. She writes these chilling paranormal romances that my mother and I simply devour.  And when I met Heather Graham, I was completely nerdy and star struck (see more about that here). And being me and being awkward, when she said, “Email me sometime when you are back in school.”  I said, “Yeah. You may regret that.” Oh Jesus take the wheel. Yeah, I know. I sound like an uncool stalker, but in my defense, my brain simply shorted out and I didn’t even realize what I was saying.  So maybe we wont be besties.

However, despite my apocalyptic encounter with Heather –which it feels odd to call her that — I still feel this connection to my favorite romance authors.  And it happened again.  Not to be too much of a creeper here, but I now have a fan crush on Tessa Dare. Let me share with you why… Not only does she write epic romances, but she also has epic Barbie dolls and mini-nun costumes.  A woman after my own heart…

Romantic Question: What about you? Do you ever have friend crushes on fav authors?


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You Hate Me, I Just Know It!

Dear Brain,

It’s like 3:00 am early Thursday morning and I’m updating my blog.  Why are we awake? Should we really be updating blogs at 3 in the morning?  Nope, I don’t think so.  I know that you don’t want to go to bed and you think, “Hey, Lizzie, let’s just sit here in the dark watching the clock and retype every other word of this post because we are too tired to think straight much less write a coherent blog post.” But really my dear friend, that just seems a little mean. Sleep. Now sleep is nice.  Yet, here we go, typing away because you simply will not turn off. Damn you brain!

So for those of you who can’t sleep because your mind hates you, like mine does me, try to lull it to sleep with a book trailer from me to you!

Much Love,


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A little scandal and a lot cute!

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Like A Movie…Only Smaller!

I am obsessed with trailers.  Completely obsessed.  They are like mini-movies for a quick fix of worthwhile YouTube.  Perfect for those times when you only have a few minutes to spare but want guaranteed quality.  More than that, they are informative! It’s a win-win. And who doesn’t love a win-win? Only losers-losers.

But I love more than just movie and TV trailers (yes there are trailers for new pilots).  No, dearest friends, my favorite form of trailer is the book trailer! In our digital age, the book trailer allows me to get a feel for the book without having to read the summary on Amazon or B& More than that, it allows super visual people like myself–who do judge books my their colors and appearances–a chance to really see what the book is about when they can’t pick it up physically.  In a word, book trailers are genius.

Therefore, when David Young (Chairman and CEO of Hachette Book Group) came to the CPC and showed us the YouTube book trailer of Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (which I’ve mentioned in a past post as I love Lincoln and Vampires) during his speech, I was like, “YES! Mini-movie time!”  However, I was also a little shocked…

Now, I know you all are going, “Ummm, Lizzie, so what?!? We’ve seen that epic trailer where our beloved 16th president wields an axe like a bearded Buffy.”  See, the surprise my friends was not that he showed the video.  After all, it is a great trailer.  No, the surprise came from my peers’ reactions to this vid.  They were shocked that books had trailers.

I know.  They were shocked that there are book trailers. And this makes me sad.  I love book trailers.  They are wonderful.  Sometimes I just go online and watch random ones for the fun of it.

So this post is dedicated to you, dearest friends who live under rocks and have somehow missed the whole-wide-world of book trailers.  I give to you a few…quite a few…of my favorite videos.  Enjoy! I certainly did!

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A Blazing Hot Cover: A How To

There are some things that should never be mixed.  Pop Rocks and Coke.  Fire and water.  Lindsay Lohan and movies. I mean some things are just not meant to be.  Like Kate and Leo–one of them will always end up dead.  Spoilers.  Two more things that don’t mix well?  Redesigning your blog and late nights.  Or more specifically, late nights with a dash of graduation celebrations thrown in for good measure–if you know what I mean–and if you don’t know, then obviously you and I did not attend similar colleges…

But yeah. Newest life lesson learned: I should not try to work on my blog while tipsy.  Mistake.  So in honor of my new–and now necessary since I lost my old design background–blog face lift, I give you an amazing video about book covers.  Ever wonder how your favorite series romances get their super sexy covers? Well, check out this uber-fascinating look at the making of my favorite series Harlequin Blaze!

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