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Dating on Accident: How I tend to date people without knowing.

Laughing over coffee, hashbrowns, and pancakes the size of my head, my brother jokenly said: “Well, when Lizzie gets married it will probably be an accident. ‘Like wait? This is our wedding and not just a wedding?!?'” Then my friend Amanda pipes up with a “It’s true! Didn’t you accidentally go on a date with BLANK last weekend? One day you will realize you two’ve been dating for years!” The entire table starts laughing, as they continue to tease me about something that has plagued my life since puberty: my tendency to not realize date are well…dates.

My Future Life

It’s a problem.  Dating is so much harder in real life than in the movies.  I mean it is not my fault that when a guy friend invites me to dinner, I think, “oh fun, dinner with my friend” and then decide to make it a group thing.  How was I supposed to know that it was a date? Hmmm? Then when I turn up to the apparent date with my bestie in tow–let’s just say, it is pretty freaking awkward.  So after one too many times of accidental dates–you really don’t want to know how many “dates” I have missed–my dating habits have become the running joke among my family and friends.

Yes, my name is Lizzie and I am an accidental dater.  I have accepted my fate.  I am doomed to wander through the dating scene without knowing that a date is more than just some friendly hanging out until it happens.  Sometimes, I long for the good old days when a gentleman suitor would have to ask my father’s permission to court me.  Then I wake up and realize I like having the right to vote, being able to go to college, and the ability to walk around unchaperoned.  If I had to pick? I would so chose my blind, modern dating rituals.

The purpose of all of these ramblings?  In honor of my weekly book suggestion subgenre and my crazy-assed, accidental love life, I am about to start a new book. Barbara Dunlop’s The CEO’s Accidental Bride from Silhouette Desire.  RT BOOKREVIEWS gave it an awesome 4.5 stars, so I am sure it will be great.  Maybe I can pick up some pointers or hints on what to look for before I too find myself in heroine Kaitlin Saville’s position, as The CEO’s Accidental Bride.


March 11, 2011 at 8:50 pm 2 comments

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