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Sup y’all!  So navigating through my list of past posts can be frustrating.  I mean really, there are quite a few and some are boring, and I’ve gotta say, I understand.  I wouldn’t know where to start either.  So because I like you dearest friends, I am going to give you the Top Posts for Reading Romantically.  A place to start! Enjoy!

  1. Is Historical Accuracy Important?

    A post about my love-hate relationship in historicals concerning historical accuracy.

  2. Just dessert, Please! Cupcakes, Cookies, and Men.

    Men are cupcakes and cookies.  Yummy!

  3. Dating on Accident: How I tend to date people without knowing.

    Some romantic suggestions and a few anecdotes about my accidental dating style.

  4. Strange Love

    Strangers really love me…

  5. Porn, I Say, Porn!

    Nough said!

  6. Confessions of a Wannabe Cougar

    A call to all cougars in romance and my life!

  7. Heroines Never…

    A list of things that differentiate romance heroines from you and me.

  8. Would You Be TSTL?

    Too Stupid To Live characters.  They need to die!

  9. Green Is the New Blond: Seeing Romance Plots in Everyday

    How I can find a romance plot in my everyday!

  10. Love Concussions: A Pondering

    Love and concussion are the SAME THING.

  11. Angel Amour: Sexy or Sacrilegious?

    Nom, Nom, Nom angelic men!


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