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Here’s the thing about starting a new job: You’re new. Which means everything you do is new…new procedures, new databases, new bosses, new building, new floor plans and faces and names to memorize. Not to mention the fact that someone will say something you that seems to be in English…maybe? I’ve been at my new position for a while now, and I swear to God, sometimes another assistant will say something to me, and all I will hear is: “Blah blah blah page proofs blag blag jumble tumble runmble. Got it?”

Sorry, can you repeat that?

I think I may be Dolly....

So because I am new and am therefore grappling with Newness-itis, I’ve avoided many forms of social media. See, at orientation for work they gave me this 20 lb. employee handbook. And said handbook had an entire chapter on things you can and can’t do in relation to work, personal life, and blogging. Which is scary. And upon that orientation day, I took a sacred vow to never speak specifically about my job or anything remotely connected to it online.

Therefore, I am announcing to all of you that–until I figure out what’s actually going on around me–henceforth all of my blog posts will be about my general life. Cause when you work with books and your job is to read romantically it’s kinda hard to maintain a blog persona and a separate work persona. I’m pretty sure people do it… I’m just not at that level of Enlightenment yet.

Now let’s see how interesting my life is without book reviews…


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