Review: Till Dawn with the Devil

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You know when you pick up a book that’s just so good, so engaging, so enthralling that you forget the world exists outside those pages? When you just read until your hands fall asleep, your legs cramp up, and the clock rolls around from 9:00 to 10:00 to 11:00 to 2:00 am and still you can’t bear to be separated from your book?

Like this kid...

I love that feeling. The I have to read this all in one setting because I love it so much feeling that you only get when a book really connects. And last night I found it once more on the brightly illuminated pages of my Kindle for iPad app with a Lord of Vice and his willful, not-so-dainty, partially blind love.

The book: Till Dawn with the Devil

The author: Alexandra Hawkins

The setting: Regency England-ish


Book two in a the Lords of Vice series, Till Dawn with the Devil is one of those rare blends of sweet, sexy, fun, suspenseful, and likable where the heroine is never TSTL, the hero doesn’t cruelly seduce her for his own benefit outside of marriage, ruin her reputation, and then be pig-headed about “not wanting to commit”–well then asshole you shouldn’t have slept with that young, virginal, NOBLEwoman and destroyed her rep–and the bad-guy was sinister, unexpected, and awesomely dangerous.  Not to mention crazy.

The book follows Lady Sophia, a young noble woman enjoying her Season in London, despite the fact that her two brothers–also her caretakers–are anything less that attentive. Oh and one little thing, Lady Sophia is blind. Or partially blind as a result of a almost-deadly blow to the head she suffered when she was six the night both her parents were shot and killed.


Then in sweeps our hero, Gabriel “Reign” Housely, the Earl of Rainecourt. A man devoted to vice and sin, Reign suffered one short-lived and ill-fated marriage in his youth, and with the mysterious death of his unfaithful wife, he vows never to marry again. Obviously he does not keep that vow. From the first moment Reign sees Sophia at a ball, he knows he wants her. Even after he finds out her true identity, cause guess what? Reign and Sophie’s families have a little bad blood there.  Dun dun dun.

Read it. There are some twists and turns and fun little happenings that I just can’t get into but all I have to say was that I loved it. A whole lot.

My rating:


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