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Everyone has their little addictions.  Some people are shopoholics.  Some–like my friend Amanda–are chocoholics.  Others are bookaholics.  Personally, I’m all three.  We all have those little obsessions that we just can’t get enough of.  But me…well, while I may love books, chocolate, and shopping…well, for me, I am a contest-aholic.

Well, hello, there Aidan

Yes, I am addicted to entering contests. And it is a problem.

When it comes to contests I look before I leap.  I’ll just be wasting some time on the internet, browsing some sites, and the next thing I know, I’ve entered some romance novel/blog contest.  This wouldn’t be a problem if

  1. I didn’t keep winning and
  2. I didn’t forget that I had entered them.

See the problem?  Winning is great.  I love winning, but when I forget what I entered to win, it becomes a problem.  For example, last week I was just sitting with my mother on one of my visits back home when my father hands me an envelope.  Apparently, I had mail.  I expected some junk or maybe some letter from a friend, but when I opened the flap I ended up with the most amazing surprise.

Romance novel trading cards!

the front...

and the back

Yeah, I know! They’re like baseball cards for romance novels.  Too cool.  I was so excited.  New addiction.  They are like Pokemon + baseball + sex, which = happy in my world! I think I have to collect them all.  Now, if only I can remember which contest I entered to get them so I can figure out how to get some more…


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