Men. In. Kilts. (or in this case trews)

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Every time I read a book I love I think to myself, “Wow, Lizzie, we could totally be BFFs with this author. Think of all the fun we could have talking about romance novels and secret babies and masculine heroes.” Because every time I pick up a book, I have this fandom feeling of connection with the author.  Who’s to say we couldn’t be friends? After all, we spent hours together, lived through wars, convents, pregnancies, and time travel.  That certainly bonds two people right?  Apparently, no, in the real world that does not actually bound you to the author.

Picture with Heather Graham. Pre-Creepy Moment

But in one of my finer moments of fandom, I met author Heather Graham. Yeah. Love her. She writes these chilling paranormal romances that my mother and I simply devour.  And when I met Heather Graham, I was completely nerdy and star struck (see more about that here). And being me and being awkward, when she said, “Email me sometime when you are back in school.”  I said, “Yeah. You may regret that.” Oh Jesus take the wheel. Yeah, I know. I sound like an uncool stalker, but in my defense, my brain simply shorted out and I didn’t even realize what I was saying.  So maybe we wont be besties.

However, despite my apocalyptic encounter with Heather –which it feels odd to call her that — I still feel this connection to my favorite romance authors.  And it happened again.  Not to be too much of a creeper here, but I now have a fan crush on Tessa Dare. Let me share with you why… Not only does she write epic romances, but she also has epic Barbie dolls and mini-nun costumes.  A woman after my own heart…

Romantic Question: What about you? Do you ever have friend crushes on fav authors?


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A Softer Side of Romance Yeah, this isn’t working out anymore.

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