That Might Be A Problem…

August 3, 2011 at 12:04 am Leave a comment

I’m a mildly possessive person in my personal life. I think it may be because I’m a middle child, but I really like my things to stay mine. That book? Sure, I don’t have a problem with you looking at it…reading it…borrowing it. But I will want it back. Mine. The same applies for relationships. That boyfriend? Bitch, please. Back up right now. Maybe I should work on that…

But that said, I am not very good with romances that involve mistresses, the other woman, sharing. There are exceptions…like in Iris Johansen’s early romance Wind Dancer.  I love that book.  So emotional and passionate and compelling. I mean the hero in that book is just way intense, but spoilers: he’s married. And I just had to deal with that little roadblock in the great relationship that is our couple’s epic love. However, I am not usually so cool with the idea that our heroine has to share the love of her life with some other woman. It makes me a little angry.  I don’t necessarily like to share, so why should my heroine?

Which is why I really related to the heroine in my latest review for RT BOOKREVIEWS. Oh yeah, Geneen and I had a lot in common in that regard. Birds of a feather. Mildly judgmental…but in a supportive and nice way? Check. Completely possessive of our love? Check. Often accused of not “thinking with our hearts”–which makes no sense at all FYI–and being a little too “rational” when it comes to relationships–like that’s really so terrible? Check.

Yup, Genny and I match. And if you’re thinking, “Hmmm. That sounds like me!” Then check out my review of The King’s Mistress by Sandy Blair (Samhain) out now!


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