Call Me Emma: Or How I Once Signed A Friend Up For eDating.

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Zoosk. eHarmony. jDate. There are literally thousands of online dating sites out there just waiting to bring you to love. There’s one for all you Christians out there looking to “Find God’s Match For You.”  Or if you’re Jewish, you can “meet Jewish singles” on another site.  You can find true love. Fake love. Instant lust. And if you are a billionaire, then Bravo will help you find your next trophy spouse. Yay?

But back in the olden days when people actually used telephones to call people and when mail actually used a stamp, the term “matchmaker” applied to a person not a website. I know. Those days were so weird. I mean imagine people meeting people through other people. Woah. And during those long-ago times, people used to make matches for a living. Yes, matchmaking was once a noble profession extending back before the beginning of time.

As I learned from Mulan, a completely reliable and 100% historically accurate Disney film, matchmakers brought honor to us all and were “scarier than the undertaker.” However, some matchmakers were a lot more benevolent. Jane Austen’s Emma certainly meant well in her own selfish way. And I am sure Shakespeare’s fairies really weren’t that bad. They just wanted to bring on the love. Can you really fault them?

I can’t fault them. Matchmaking can certainly be fun. Just ask my college friend Amanda. While visiting me yesterday in NYC, Amanda and I got to reminiscing about some of our more memorable educational memories. Like the time I decided to try my hand as a new age Emma and sign dear Amanda up for an online dating site.  Note to all you people out there in the universe: friends do NOT like it when you sign them up for sleazy dating sites without their previous consent.  I have no idea why not, but needless to say, Amanda was not pleased at the time to be receiving “flirty” emails and messages from random men on a random site (though in my defense I did not use her real email, include her real name, or her real address). You never know where loves gonna come from, Amanda, maybe it’s gonna come from that plumber living in central Maine…

While my first matchmaking attempt obviously failed, one of my favorite romance novels recounts the astounding success of Annabelle Granger as a matchmaker extraordinaire, so if you are looking for a little meddling inspiration, try picking up Match Me If You Can by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Way better than a dating site. Plus, you can get a few pointers for your own matchmaking endeavors. Example: matchmaking yourself might just be the best plan of action….

Romantic Question: What you ever tried to match-make a friend? If so how did your attempt go?


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