Urban Country

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Two days ago the Editor-in-Chief of Country Living came to talk to us about…well…living country. And I have to say, I have a GIANT girl-crush on this woman now.  She is absolutely amazing. And Southern. Which means she is even more amazing and automatically cool. There’s a cool and amazing scale and being Southern automatically puts you over into the upper end of it.  Justin Timberlake? From Memphis, meaning instant cool.  Elvis? Yeah, from the South. James K. Polk? Now that was one fine example of Tennessean stud. Manifest Destiny bitches!

So my girl-crush, whose name is Sarah Gray Miller in case you were wondering, got up and gave this amazing presentation about her magazine, which I have to admit was not one that I’d ever really been interested in before.  I mean, come on, I’m a 20-something year-old just out of school living in NYC. I doubt I’m Country Living‘s target demographic. To be blunt, I expect her talk to be a little flat. And old-fashioned.

I was wrong.

Surprise of the day? Miller totally held her own against her co-presenter one of the head-honcho-editors at Rolling Stone. After she was done I looked at my new friend Courtney and was like, “I want to go read Country Living right now!” And then I did. And I loved it.

See, I went into this lecture thinking, “Well, shoot, obviously one of these people is going to be kick-ass…” and I was not thinking it would be the editor of a magazine called Country Living. Unfair, I know. I’ve learned my lesson about making hasty snap-judgements about magazines, but the magazine really did appeal to me!

Now I would not say that I am country, per say.  I mean yes, I am listening to Blake Shelton’s “Kiss My Country Ass” right now. And yeah, I do own cowboy boots. And maybe y’all does slip into a few of my conversations every now and then, but speaking Southern–which is a whole unique language by the way–doesn’t make me country. Seriously. I would say I am more … urban country, a brand new genre from me to you!

Cause while I do enjoy an urban setting where I can hop on a subway at anytime and grab pizza at 3:00 am, I would never call myself an urban girl.  No way.  I can’t jaywalk at all.  I really like grass. And I have no sense of City direction–so it’s good thing my phone has a map on it.  I think Urban Country is like Urban Fantasy.  It’s a blend of the best of the best.  You can have cowboy boots and subways, gingham and concrete, vampires and the mafia.  See where I’m going with this? If not maybe you should check out my latest review for RT BOOKREVIEWS, an Urban Fantasy about just that: vampires and the mafia!

See how everything comes around to romance novels?


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