The Middle Child Syndrome

June 7, 2011 at 3:58 pm 2 comments

“I am not getting out of the car,” my sister stated with a firm nod as she looked around at parking lot of the local Atlanta restaurant.  And I mean, I have to admit she had a point there.  The “restaurant” was little more than a painted trailer with graffiti, swimming in the haze of an already scorching Atlanta summer. It did not look promising, the neighborhood did not look promising–then again in summertime Atlanta everything looks like the inside of an oven–but my brother had picked it out.  Said it was the best BBQ in town, and really, we were already there.  So I tried to put on my least terrified face and opened the car door. After all I am the middle child…

If my family were a romance novel 1. we would be a comedy and 2. my siblings and I would so fit the standard roles for oldest, middle, and youngest child.  More than that–after re-reading Nicole Jordan’s Courtship Wars series, our personalities all pretty much follow the pattern set by the Loring sisters. 

My brother [who we affectionately call Boy] is the adventurous, independent one.  At 24, he’s most like Arabella in To Pleasure a Lady, which I am sure he will LOVE to hear.  The eldest sibling, he is pretty much the leader whether he likes it or not, taking us to shady looking trailer/restaurants and blazing the way.  Boy is an enigma, a mystery, to the family and very much marching to the beat of his own drummer, but under it all, I have a feeling he’s pretty freakin responsible–much like Arabella.

My sister [who we affectionately call Midge] is the baby.  At 18, she’s the mildly rebellious, popular, social, and a little–make that a lot–spoiled youngest daughter in our historical drama who you worry will become entangled with a wrong sort of man but who matures throughout the series until she stars in her own book.  She’s also most like Lily in To Seduce a Bride, which I am sure my mother will LOVE to hear.  Midge…well…she’s the younger fiery sibling who is completely stubborn and a little too bold sometimes.

And me? Well, I’m the middle child affectionately known as Sister, and my nickname pretty much says it all.  Like middle sister Roslyn in To Bed a Beauty, I’m settled–a homebody if you will–who likes to read. I’m not as bold and brave as my brother, not as rebellious as my sister, but that doesn’t mean that I am boring…I’m just more of a settled form of crazy and randomness.  I like my adventure and my rebellions but I like them in small doses…and with frequent trips back home.

So see? Whoever said romance characters are completely unrealistic apparently hasn’t met my family…cause obviously the Loring sisters and the Poteet siblings have some things in common…


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  • 1. Denton  |  June 7, 2011 at 5:37 pm

    Second best BBQ in town.

  • 2. Spencer A. Freeman  |  June 7, 2011 at 6:38 pm

    As an only child, I can’t speak about the inner workings of sibling relationships, but I AM an Atlantian, so I know about BBQ 🙂 Put me in front of a plate of ribs with a good book and I can be at the table for hours!


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