It was Cute to Meet you!

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I love a good “meet-cute.”  And I’m not talking about that time some random dude ogled me on a New York City street, leering, while saying, “Hey gurl, you kinda cute! Whaz yur name.”  Yes, it was a meeting, and yes, cute was mentioned, but that was not a meet-cute.

No, when I say “meet-cute,” I’m talking about that moment in romances and RomComs.  You know the kind.  When your two characters meet for the first time and sparks fly, fireworks boom, love blossoms, and you just know that they are going to fall into crazy, passionate, intense love.  Le sigh.

That random, zany, completely unscheduled moment? That is the “meet-cute.”  Not some guy on a street corner with a leer.

A great meet-cute can set the entire tone of the book.  It can be sappy, funny, spunky, passionate, zany, and too cute for words.  But regardless, a good meet-cute really gets me interested in my hero and heroine.  I can be ADD and slow to meet, slow to love, slow to cute, does not cut it for me all the time.  Sometimes, I just need an exciting “Capture My Attention” meeting, and the meet-cute gives that to me!

Now…a fun quiz time! Apparently, my cute-meet moments fall into the creepy category–just a little–but what about you? How will you meet your beau?

How Will You Meet Your Cutie?

1. It’s a typical Saturday. Thank God! You’re going to…

A. Ah, just the normal. Chill out, maybe get some coffee, buy a new book. A calm Saturday.

B. Who knows? Why plan when you can just DO!

C. Sleep. That g*# freakin D*@! neighbour ruined my beauty sleep last night with his loud car and disregard for anyone else!

D. You really don’t want to know…just in case the police ask any questions.

2. Man Candy at 3 o’clock. Peeking over you see…

A. A Duke! Nom Nom. So proper, so romantic. I just want to rip that . . .

B. Sex in a sports car. Tall, dark, and athletic. He’s the key to my ignition.

C. Shit. It’s that neighbour. He looks like a f*cking hobo. Has he ever seen a razor or a shower?

D. I can’t really tell…it’s hard to see…

3. Okay, don’t look now but Mr. Cutie is coming over. You…

A. Blush prettily and send him an enticing smile. Reel that big fish in honey!

B. Send him a smolder. You need a little good luck.

C. Glare.  Then proceed to chew him out for his rude and unneighbourly behavior!

D. Attack him with your mouth. YES!

If You Said All A’s:

Well hello, Ms. Traditional.  You are pretty much the epitome of the meet-cute: romantic, sweet, and almost possible.  Like Anna in the super sweet Anna and the Duke by Kathryn Smith, you’ll meet your cutie in a bookstore. Where in a moment of serendipity, both you and that hot duke will reach for the last book of poetry thus prompting you to share a soft, awww-worthy romantic moment. Well done!

If You Said All B’s”

Sup, Ms. Adventure. You don’t have a plan and never will.  A free spirit, you are the adventurous/comedy meet-cute: spunky, funny, and completely random! Like Blue Bailey in Natural Born Charmer by Susan Elizabeth Phillips, you’ll meet that hunk-a-hunk-a burning love while randomly wandering down the side of a rural road dressed in a beaver costume.  Just go with that flow…you wont regret it. Yum!

If You Said All C’s:

Please don’t hurt me, Ms. Passionate. You are terrifying intense and spirited. With your fiery, take no prisoners attitude, you are the passionate meet-cute: confrontational yet meant for each other! Like Jaine Bright in Mr. Perfect by Linda Howard, you’ll meet that hottie cop, yell at him, and then rip his shirt off. Go get ‘im!

If You Said All D’s:

Pssss, Ms. Felon. Controlled and a little illegal, you are the random, crime-comedy meet-cute: funny, zany, and completely in the dark.  Like Tilda Goodnight in Faking It by Jennifer Crusie, you’ll meet your love trapped in a closet, as you attempt to steal a painting, before you get distracted from your mission by his scorching kisses. Gotta love those closet meetings!

So there you go my dearest friends! I give you the way to finally Meet Your Cutie!

Romantic Question: Do you have a favourite meet-cute moment from a book or film?


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