Am I Really What You Want?

April 29, 2011 at 1:20 pm 2 comments

Okay, right now I should be writing a paper about women in slasher films, revising my creative nonfiction stories, or reading some serious works of “literature,” but it’s the weekend, and my brain is broken…so I’m not.  Instead, I am going to pose a question to you all dearest friends and random stragglers:

Is this blog really what you are looking for? 

I checked my “Site Stats” today and was looking at the searches that have brought people to this blog.  And I gotta say, some of you are in the wrong place. Opps! Not that I don’t love having you over, but I am not sure I have the answers you seek!

So for a brief moment of humor, I give to you some of the best searches that have led people to Reading Romantically! Enjoy…I certainly did 🙂

  • “who is lizzi poteet”
    • Well, I can’t answer that one, but if you are looking for Lizzie Poteet, then THAT’S ME! Hello! I’m pretty much a normal person. I read romances.  I write about them.  I sometimes review them for a book review magazine.  And I’m in college–for a few more weeks at least–before I am launched onto the real world.  Sorry about that world! Best page for you? About
  • “cupcakes men like,” “do men prefer cakes or cupcakes?” and “desserts most guys like”
  • “what is the real reason of this Jacobite revolt?”
    • Yeah have no idea. I mean I used to know, but that was like a year ago and now more important and relevant romance information has taken over my brain. Best post for you? Is Historical Accuracy Important?
  • “knowing accidents date”
  • “the creeper reading book”
  • “giving the best sex hes ever had”
  • “how to have porn”
    • Hmm how to I respond to this? Well, when two adult entertainers who work together professionally get a job and the director likes them very much… Best post for you? Porn, I Say, Porn!
  • “does bobbi starr do heroin”
    • No, not that I know of, but then again I only saw her that one time. Best post for you? Porn, I Say, Porn!
  • “poorly groomed man”
  • “nice word for a person you really dislike”
    • Well, I really dislike quite a few people–just kidding!–so I usually say they are “nice,” “interesting,” “fine” (but not in a “he’s so fine” way), or “really cool.” But that’s just me! Best post for you? Nice: A Kiss of Death

So there you are dearest friends, some random universe questions answered! One person searched Gretchen Wilson.  They got how I am a GRIT and not a WASP.   Another searched sleepwalking habits, they got how I once got lost in a closet.  I really don’t know if that’s what they were looking for… But I hope you enjoyed your time here anyway! Interested in more backposts? Check out my “Posts” page. It’s filled with them.

Romantic Question: Which result is your favorite? And do you often find yourself scratching your head and wondering just what Google was thinking?


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  • 1. Lisa @ Read.Breathe.Relax.  |  May 5, 2011 at 7:19 pm

    Hi Lizzie! These search terms are hilarious! I’ve gotten some really weird ones lately. Like “how to relax after an intense love triangle.” I mean, those people definitely DID NOT find what they were looking for on my blog.

    All this post did was make me want to read your entire blog archive! Good job!! 😀


    • 2. Lizzie Poteet  |  May 12, 2011 at 7:34 pm

      Haha that’s certainly never a question I’ve seriously considered. I wonder if they ever found their answer on how to relax after their intense love triangle! People search the craziest things

      But I’m glad my super sneaky plan to make people read my backlists worked! Hope you enjoyed 😉


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