A Highland Laird….Yum

April 16, 2011 at 10:42 pm 2 comments

“Lizzie, if you hate horses so much, why did you agree to a riding lesson,” my dearest friend Julia asked me, slightly exasperated watching me have mild panic attack on the back of her horse Africa.  Easy answer Julia: romance novels.  Duh.  Right before my semester abroad in Scotland, I realized something really vital: OMG, what if I go to St Andrews and somehow end up in nature–shudder–only to fall through a fairy ring/time vortex/wormhole and end up in a romance novel? I can’t ride a horse.  I would so be screwed.  Thus, following this astounding logic, I ended up on the back of Africa, ordering him not to move at all.

I know I’m a little insane.

It almost looks fake, doesn't it?

But see, Scottish romances have always been my favourite.  I’ve been crazy about them ever since I picked up my first technical romance novel: Tess and the Highlander by May McGoldrick.  It was one of those teen romance novels, meaning it was pretty much your typical romance minus the sex.  Lord, I loved that book.  Filled with danger and passion and people washing up on islands, I was captivated by Tess and Colin’s story to the extent that I literally read it three times in a row.  It was so amazing that I blame on my current obsession with Highland romances on it.  Bad Ms. McGoldrick!

From there, I went through the whole “I don’t read romances phase” until Julie Garwood’s Ransom, which was my first adult historical romance novel.  Take one guess where Ransom takes place.  If you answered “Scotland,” then you’re a WINNER!  Congratulations you!  I probably snuck that book out of the library 20 times before finally giving in a buying it.  I thought I was being so clever hiding it in a pile of “serious” literature that I didn’t read.

Now, some ten or so years later, I still love a good Highland story.  There’s something sexy about a rugged laird, a tartan, and  a big sword.  Sigh.  So this weekend, when face with a mountain of papers and books due for class on Monday, I did the most logical thing: picked up another sexy Highland read.  Again, I know you are amazed by my epic and logical decisions.

This weekend’s read: Dangerous Highlander by Donna Grant.  The first in her Dark Sword series, the story follows Lucan MacLeod and Cara Sinclair through a passionate tale of ancient gods, magic, Druids, and a family curse. Overall, I enjoyed the book–reading it in a day–and due to a cliff-hanger ending, will certainly pick up the next in the series. A sexy read with just enough magic to keep it interesting. For my full review, check out my Goodreads!

Romantic Question: What do you dearest friends think about the Highland romances?  Are they overdone, well-done, or a little too rare? (I must be craving a streak or something?)

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  • 1. Julia  |  April 17, 2011 at 12:17 pm

    Africa loved you! I think you might be one of his favorite people ever – who else pets him and then just lets him stand in place for 20 minutes?

    I’ve never read a “Highland Romance” but since I will be in Scotland next year – maybe I should pick one up? Between school work, riding and Harry Potter fanfiction though I’m really just not sure when I’ll fit it in.

    • 2. Lizzie Poteet  |  April 19, 2011 at 1:35 am

      We did bond. True love = me + Africa. Also if you want a highland romance book, just let me know. I’m like a library. Without the fines


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