Reading the “Road Signs:” A Book Review

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Road signs are pretty important.  They keep you from turning down one-way streets, falling off a dead end road, running into moose.  Without road signs I would probably have had a million and two wrecks by now and be in a perpetual state of driving confusion.  Do I turn left? Can I turn right? Should I hit that giant beastie with antlers in the middle of the road or watch for it? So many questions, such dilemmas! What would we do?!?  Road signs are important–and reading those road signs? Even more so.

Random story! I was on a road trip avec my momma the other week, driving through the great state of Georgia, and just outside Atlanta we came across the best billboard ever.  “Strippers: Need we say more?”  And really, they were right.  That sign pretty much said it all.  What more could they say? “Strippers: Not appropriate for children under 18?” or “Strippers: We take off our clothes.”  Both of those are pretty much self-explanatory and fall under the whole “stripper” umbrella.  Everything you needed to know about that classy establishment was right there in the name.  Now think of all the amusement I would have missed if I hadn’t paid attention to that sign! I think my life would have been a sadder place without the wisdom of that Georgia gem of advertisement.  Need We Say More

See road signs make life a better place.  And for my last review for RT BOOKREVIEWS, I got to read, you guessed it, MJ Fredrick’s newest release from Carina Press, Road Signs.  In it, heroine Willow Hawkins learns the importance of reading the road signs….the road signs on the highway of love.  And an actual highway as the book follows two besties who take an actual road trip, only to find that their relationship status may be more than “just friends.”  For my full review, click here or on the picture below! And remember, reading Road Signs can be quite fun!


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