Past Loves and Romances!

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Looking at the groaning, shuddering, non-responsive heap that was once my dearly beloved computer I have to wonder: what did people stress about before God came down and gave man technology?  What did they worry about if not the state of their hard drives, emails, tweets, e-books, itunes library? Seriously. What. Did. They. Do????

Last month my bestie Ria’s phone broke.  Life stopped.  Literally.  We had to make plans like hours in advanced if we wanted to see her. And we couldn’t spontaneously cancel. Like. You don’t know how freakin hard it is to actually remember pre-made plans and to actually show up.  There were no reminder “Dinner @ 5:00” texts–yes, we eat at 5:00 pm deal with it–instead, she just expected us to show up when we said we would.  Bummer.

But seriously, it was tough not being able to communicate with her 24/7 and we had the luxury of email.  Imagine if we were stuck with snail mail.  It’s a little scary.

So now as I am currently on a borrowed computer waiting for some miracle to happen, waiting for my computer to rise from the dead like Lazarus, and I have to appreciate my ancestors’ ability to survive without email, texting, or even Skype.  Thankfully, the closest I have to get to that fate worse than death is the historical romance novel.  It’s like Disney or Vegas: the historical romance let’s you experience world travel without actually having to deal with it all.  Like Epcot, the historicals are brightly painted miniatures of the real deal. You get the experience without the dirt, foreign languages, actual natives and local people, and with nice clean American water, bathrooms, and friendly Disney team members. They are always smiling.

Guide for all men....

And in the case of the historical romances, you get the experience of the history without the loss of technology.  Plus, you don’t have to actually smell those medieval people–who really stunk–or have to actually experience life on a pirate ship–not as cool of Johnny makes it look in the movies.  No one really wants the bubonic plague.  So stick to the historicals and appreciate the romantic rose-colored history.  Sexy, passionate, and romantic. History at its best!  Here you go my dearest friend, my weekly suggestion–albeit a bit later in the week–but my suggestion: the historical romance!

Wait! What should I read?

There you go! Some historical suggestions–please read them and be thankful for this wonderful world of computers we live in today.


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