Suggest Me Something: LUIP or “Laugh Until I Pee” Romances

March 15, 2011 at 4:37 pm 2 comments

A new week. A new suggestion. This week in honor of my upcoming SPRING BREAK–thank you God by the way–I am going to suggest one of my favorite subgenres in romance: the pee-in-your-pants-it’s-so-funny contemporary romance or as I like to simplify it: The LUIPs or Laugh Until I Pee romance novels.

Trust me, the expience is way better than it sounds.

In contemporary romances–romances which take place in modern times–there are quite a few authors who write witty, funny, lol-worthy books. These books I term LUIPs. They are usally a little quirky, some are slightly suspenseful, but all of them are the book equivalent of a really good romantic comedy.

So as I said, Spring Break’s a comin, and my friend Amanda and I were taking a break from our hellish midterm studying at the local 24 hour coffeeshop, discussing our plans for beach vacations and warmer weather, when she turns to me and goes: “So what should I read?” Obviously, Amanda has not been reading my blog, but because we are friends and I love any opportunity to talk romances, I happily suggest one of my favorite authors: Jennifer Crusie.

Jennifer Crusie's Manhunting

My dream life....

Oh man, I love that woman. I have a serious girl crush on her. She is witty, clever, funny, smart. Her characters are great, sexy, complicated and completely kooky. Oh, Jennifer Crusie. How I wish you would write the story of my life. Sigh. Jennifer Crusie can almost literally make me laugh until I pee, as TMI as that may be.

I read my first Jenny Crusie book over spring break when I was fourteen. It was Bet Mea lovely story filled with laughs and Krispy Kremes. Some of my other favs include: Welcome to Temptation, Manhunting, and Faking It. Therefore, in honor of Spring Break, Amanda, and my idol: I suggest the LUIP romances to you my dear reader. Some other classic authors:

All of these authors have at one point in time made me literally laugh out loud in some embarrassingly public place–trains, plains, once even church. So for all of you going to the beach, pool, or even just to relax at home for Spring Break–you really can’t go wrong with any one of them.

May your pants stay dry but your laughter flow free.


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