Strange Love

March 8, 2011 at 1:07 am 2 comments

I have a plan. Sure, I probably won’t stick to it but I have a plan! I am going to systematically go through the complete works of Linda Howard. I have read the biggies–Mr. Perfect, Open Season, Kill and Tell, Dying to Please–but I haven’t really read any of her earlier works. And as I love her, it seems like a shame!  So, to start off this wonderful idea, I visited my local used bookstore and picked up Howard’s Strangers in the Night.  I like to judge books my their covers and titles–cause I’m cool like that–and this title: perfect for me.  It’s about strangers and as people who know me can attest….

Strangers love me.  I am like a magnet for random people, random conversations, and random encounters.

“Don’t let me be alone,” I warn my friends because when I’m alone….well…I don’t ever stay that way too long.  However, despite good intentions, somehow my friends always wander off, leaving me all by my lonesome. And BAM, the next thing I know, I have a new best friend.  People think I’m joking about how much strangers seem to love me, but I’m not.  Here are a few examples:

Once my friend Flo left me alone in an airport in Rome.  Shame on her.  So there I was just sitting in my uncomfortable chair at the gate, surrounded by our bags, while she went off the the restroom.  Thanks Flo.  Next thing I know a man two seats down goes, “Are you on the flight to Glasgow?” As fate would have it, I was on the flight to Glasgow, and then somehow I end up with a new best friend named John.

He was from Nigeria, living in Rome, 30 years old, about to be a student in Scotland, studying business management, and staying with a friend.  John sat next to me on the plane–between Flo and me– and he talked the entire way, commented on my iPod touch, the weather, nighttime, Scotland, his friends in North America.  He even asked for my email so he could come visit, as he was planning a Stateside visit.  I didn’t give it to him.

Strangers on a Plane...I mean Train

I am glad my life is not this movie.

Another time my mother left me alone in a fastfood restaurant as we were road-tripping up the East Coast.  A  nice trucker walked in, ordered, waved at me, and came over to say “hey.”  When I was by myself in a DC airport, I met a an accountant while standing in a line at burger joint.  He was flying north, I was flying south. He was going to a funeral–but don’t worry it was more of an obligation than anything–while I was going to visit family.  I could go on and on about the random people who have approached me for no reason whatsoever and simply decided to tell me their life stories: the young graphic designer from Canada flying to see her BF, the grandmother from Little Rock, the bouncer at a nightclub, a mother giving blood, the nice man with a butterfly collection at a coffee shop, the man in a van telling me “the bus doesn’t run on Sundays.”  It’s such a common thing I usually don’t think twice.  I mean why not tell me your life story?

But this weekend…I was alone. And shopping.  It was Friday afternoon and I was on the quest for the perfect little dress for a night dancing with some friends from out-of-town.  Deciding TJ Maxx was my best bet, I hopped into my car and set forth on an epic adventure–a whole 1.5 miles away.  When I got there, I did what any normal person would, I got out of my car, locked it, and started to walk the few feet from my parking spot to the store.  But I didn’t take more than one step before a car pulled up beside my Honda CR-V and rolled its window down.  When the man in the car called out to me, I figured he wanted directions or something, so imagine my surprise when he goes: “Are you from [Insert name of hometown here].” Next thing I know Ted, that’s the man in the car’s name, is telling me that he saw my licensed plate and just had to talk to me because he is from [hometown here] too, and isn’t that ironic, and what am I doing 1,272 miles from home?  He then shares with me his life story, as I make sure to keep plenty of space between me, his car, and the window.  You never know about strangers.

So later that afternoon, when I saw the cover and title for the Linda Howard book, I figured it was fate.  Strangers seem to love me, hopefully I will love Strangers. 

Read my review HERE!


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  • 1. Spencer A. Freeman  |  March 8, 2011 at 1:35 am

    LOL, love this! I’m the complete opposite of you when it comes to strangers. I’m super shy and rarely talk to strangers. I usually give the polite smile and keep it moving (I blame it on too many crime drama TV shows). But when it comes to loving Ms. Howard and judging a book by it’s cover, we’re definitely cut from the same cloth! Be sure to post a review of Strangers in the Night, so I’ll know if it’s worth my time 🙂

  • […] Howard loves strangers….strangers love me.  Category romances deal with the “accidental” date/marriage….I never know when […]


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